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Ban Appeals: Rules & Format


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If you feel that you have been unfairly banned, by misunderstanding or you are due for an unban, then you can create a ban appeal here. 


You are responsible for your account(s), IP address, email address or computer. Do not bother with the sibling excuse, it will not work. Sharing an account with anybody else is also against the server rules. You must be protected upon registration.


If you know which admin banned your account(s), include their username in the thread title and they'll handle the appeal.
- You can find the list of administrators here: Staff Roster.


You are appealing to the admin that banned your account(s) and they will handle your appeal. If your appeal was unfairly denied, contact Rehasher directly via forum private message.




Topic Title: [Admin] YourName - Reason

Example: [Rehasher] Carl_Johnson - Cheating

[b]Time & Date:[/b] 00:00:00 - DD/MM/YEAR (of the incident)

[b]Player Name:[/b] Your Name
[b]IP Address:[/b] Your IP Address
[b]Ban Reason:[/b] Reason for ban

[b]Explanation:[/b] Explain the incident

[b]Screenshot:[/b] Screenshot of the original ban


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Please do not create appeals assuming somebody else will handle it. Other admins might not be aware of the situation which led your ban, therefore we will not intervene with the appeal.


You are appealing to the admin that banned you and you must create your appeal accordingly.


If you believe the ban was unfair and the admin has also unfairly denied your appeal, contact Rehasher directly.

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