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Player Reports: Rules & Format

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If you were involved in a situation were one or more of the server rules were broken and you have been negatively affected by the actions of another player, you can report them here.


By submitting a player report, you agree to the following:

- I have contacted the player and were unable to resolve the issue.

- I have raw unedited and valid evidence to support my report.

- I have a full understanding of the current rule-set.

- I have read the specific rule for the offense, prior to submitting the report.

- I understanding that creating a false report I risk being punished.



Report Title: Reported Player [Violation]

- Example: Carl_Johnson [Cheating]

[b]Time & Date:[/b] 00:00:00 - DD/MM/YEAR (of the incident) 

[b]Player Name:[/b] Your Name
[b]Reported Player:[/b] Their Name

[b]Explanation:[/b] Explain the incident

[b]Evidence:[/b] Evidence to support your report
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