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Gamemode Development Log

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Gamemode Development Log


Current Developers: @Rehasher

Past Developers: @kane @DamianC  @Kar  @Southclaws @Dom widqk & J0shEs


Old logs reposted below.


[v1.0 R1]

- Returning within 10 minutes of crashing will spawn you at your old position.  [Kane]
- Vehicles will spawn locked.  [Kane]

- PD/FD armor / nametags color be returned when going back on-duty from crashes. [Kane]
- Made changes to the thief job earnings.  [Kane]
- Changed desynced client message to gametext.  [Kane]
- Increased the range for /unrentvehicle park position.  [Kane]

- Fixed a bug with Payday duplicating / spawning bank money. [Kane]
- Fixed a bug where the bike dealership was recognized as a vehicle one.  [Kane]
- Addressed taxi and lumberjack job not saving your job stat.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug where your Time/Data HUD would show on login when disabled.  [Kane]
- /lock will now update the vehicle HUD as intended.  [Kane]


[Version 1.0.2]

- Added /drughelp for list of commands.  [Kane]
- Added /confiscate for PD.  [Kane]

- Made the trucker job checkpoints larger. [Kane]
- No longer need to be in a property you own to /smscrape. [Kane]
- Lowered the Pay n' Spray repair time.  [Kane]

- Adjustments to furniture system. [Kane]
- Strawman object is no longer in donator /furniture category. [Kane]
- Can no longer /v scrap certain vehicles. [Kane]
- Can no longer /putdrug invalid amounts.  [Kane]


[Version 1.0.3]

- Added static number hints in /call. [Kane]
- Added Thief Job to /jobhelp.  [Kane]
- If on a /buygun cooldown, /buygun will now show how long you have left.  [Kane]

- Removed accessories from clothing store /buy. [Kane]
- /buygun cooldown is now 12 hours. [Kane]
- Changed the /me split messgae. [Kane]

[Bug Fixes]
- Old skin will be set for PD/FD who spawn when they crashed. [Kane]
- /licenses will no longer show Masked name.  [Kane]
- Masked name will no longer show for charge commits on suspects.  [Kane]
- Fixed an issue with boomboxes disappearing. [Kar]
- Addressed an issue with vehicle drugs not being saved.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug that showed Fists in vehicle weapon storage.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug that kept spawning you at your crashed position. [Kane]
- Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to /furniture your business. [Kane]
- Fixed a bug with the OfferSys that didn't account for businesses. [Kane]
- Addressed a bug where your weapons wouldn't spawn in rare occassions. [Kane]

- /a shows master and playerid now [Rehasher]
- /at renamed to /sc [Rehasher]
- /getid to obtain account userid, level 2s [Kane]
- Fixed /bizlist cutting off. [Kane]
- /seesessions Leads [Kane]


[Version 1.0.4]


- [Security] Created a script which checks if your IP address is a known proxy/VPN from a trusted database [Rehasher]
- [Businesses] Business owners now have the ability to use /setstation properly. [Rehasher]
- [GPS] GPS system has been added [Dom]
- [GPS] Added street name search to the GPS system and added the GPS device to 24/7s. [Rehasher]
- [Businesses] Bar has been added as a business type and you can now buy drinks and cigerettes at bars [Rehasher]


- [Aesthetics] Vehicle spawn text is now more user friendly telling the player how to despawn the vehicle. [Rehasher]
- [Job] Changed the lumberjack female skin to the newest skin. [Rehasher]
- [PMs] If an on duty admin messages you, their master account name with their staff color will appear instead of their character name [Rehasher]
- [Aesthetics] Your character name won't appear on the second line of /me [Rehasher]
- [Vehicle] The maximum fuel capacity has been lowered from 15 to 10 gallons as it was simply taking far too long for fuel to go down. [Rehasher]
- [Business] Businesses now show the entry fee at all times in the texdraw.


- [MDC] Fixed "masked players dont show up when searched on mdc". [Kar]
- [Character] Fixed "player's charges not being cleared after being imprisoned". [Kar]
- [Weapons] Improved gun serial generation. [Kar]
- [Vehicle] Fixed issue where the mileage on the speedometer isn't floatrounded. [Rehasher]
- [Businesses] Fixed issue where audio stream wasn't being stopped if you exited a business that had the radio turned on. [Rehasher]

- Level 1s can now use /destroycorpse
- Level 1s can now use /setweather


Version [1.0.5]

- [Mapping] Added luxury complex map [Mikee]
- [/myitems] Radio, GPS and the stuff from /fishinfo added onto /myitems [Rehasher]
- [Objects] The follow objects have been added to the Fire Department lockers and created by SurvivalMaster
- [.. ^] SFFD Vest, Incident Command Vest, SCBA Kit, Radio, 9 new helmets, 3 new formal hats [SurvivalMaster/Rehasher]
- [Garages] Garages! Property garages and purchaseable garages with 3 custom interior types (small, medium, large) [Dom/Mikee/Rehasher]
- [Skins] Added 6 new skins for FD, 3 Male EMTS (Asian, Black, White) and 3 Female of the same ethnics [Rehasher (credits to the modding team)]
- [PD] Directional bar, image says it all https://i.imgur.com/fU2kH3D.gif (/dbar, /directionalbar) [Rehasher]
- [Misc] Added a tram that travels around SF, with a custom model made by thatoneiowan [Rehasher]

- [Aesthetics] Removed spaces before the start of messages, doesn't look nice. [Rehasher]
- [Aesthetics] "{lightred} SERVER: Message here" changed to "[SERVER]: {white} Message here" [Rehasher]
- [Aesthetics] "{lightred} USAGE: Message here" changed to "{lightred} [USAGE]: {white} Message here" [Rehasher]
- [Aesthetics] PM /to/ admins shows their admin names now [Rehasher]
- [GPS] GPS destination checkpoint radius has been increased significantly [Rehasher]
- [Ammunation] Shotgun raised to $7500 (ammo $20), Desert Eagle raised to $4000 (ammo $25), Colt 45 raised to $1500 (ammo $5), Rifle raised to $10,000 (ammo $8) [Rehasher]
- [FD] Medics can now heal people outside of the Fire Station/Hospital [Rehasher]
- [Weather] Removed weather types that cause some lag for players [Rehasher]
- [FD] /finishop should now work outside of a hospital [Rehasher]
- [FD] You can now place someone inside an ambulance if you're standing close to the rear doors instead of being the driver [Rehasher]
- [FD] You can now place anyone inside an ambulance incase they wanted to roleplay being injured, instead of scriptwise being injured [Rehasher]
- [FD/PD] Prices of PD/FD accessories dropped to $10 employee deposit (Government issued accessories, shouldn't need to pay out of pocket) [Rehasher]
- [FD/PD] Split the two accessory stores up instead of them being merged into one [Rehasher]
- [Aesthetics] Cleaned up the accessories dialog list, using new SA-MP dialog style DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST and adding color to the price [Rehasher]
- [Login] 60 second timer for login increased to 5 minutes (for when /logout is implemented back in to switch characters) [Rehasher]

- Added garage indicators to provide help and property owner names [Rehasher]

- [GPS] Fixed an issue where an invalid street name on the GPS would place your marker at Flint County. [Rehasher]
- [GPS] Fixed a bug where finding the closest business/ATM/gas station wouldn't work. [Rehasher]
- [24/7] Color hex code fixed in the dialog for /buy [Rehasher]
- [Donator] Fixed an issue where activating Bronze Donator would give you 4 name changes and 0 number changes. [Rehasher]
- [Furniture] Fixed furniture cancellation bug. [Kar]
- [Traffic Signs] Fixed all mixed up traffic signs, they should all be correct now. [Rehasher]
- [Vehicles] There was an issue where people can unlock other players vehicles, this has been fixed [Rehasher]
- [FD] Fixed a bug with /uniform, male bunker kits were listed as female bunker kits. [Rehasher]
- [Vehicle] Vehicle spawn help text said use /park and not /v park [Rehasher]

- [Accessories] Fixed an issue with positions not looking right for 3rd parties just after saving [Rehasher]
- [Garages] Purchase label showing on property owned garages instead of purchasable garages [Rehasher]
- [Garages] Draw distance was way too high for garage purchase labels [Rehasher]
- [Tram] Fixed issue with tram not working on the main server but working on dev server (plugin dependencies) [Rehasher]
- [FD] Fixed 3 EMT male skins [Rehasher]
- [FD] Fixed huge radio problem [Survivalmaster]


[Version 1.0.6]

- [LOGIN] In-game registration & roleplay quiz, UCP applications have been disabled for the time-being [Rehasher]

- [GUNS] Changed a few weapon damage values [Rehasher]
- [GUNS] Changed the engine status for /takegun, you don't need the engine on to take something from the trunk... [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] You can now lock the garage from inside [Rehasher]

- Mapping repo changes
 5 files changed, 103 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Chris/Boatpier_Update.map
 create mode 100644 Chris/FD_Garage.map
 create mode 100644 Chris/Prop_Cavaliero.map
 create mode 100644 Chris/prop_Bakery.map
 create mode 100644 Chris/supergarage.map

- [GUNS] Fixed a bug where you can't scroll your gun on login and have to place in trunk to get one [Rehasher]
- [GUNS] Fixed the trunk bug for faction vehicles (Not saving bug, not the mysterious changing gun bug) [Rehasher]
- [GUNS] Fixed the ESC cancel bug for trunk storing [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Fixed issues with /b (color different from first brackets when admin speaks), no space between brackets [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Fixed the double space on /pm to an admin [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Fixed double 3dtextlabel issue [Rehasher]
- [NUMBER CHANGES] Fixed the misleading information in the dialog [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Fixed the spacing in /f [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Fixed the issue with not being able to create purchasable garages, just property linked garages [Rehasher]

- Query messages when someone registers [Rehasher]
- Updated the VPN database due to a few false positive kicks. [Rehasher]

- Fixed the issue with quiz asking you to /startquiz after relogging on register [Rehasher]
- Fixed more garage label bugs [Rehasher]
- Fixed skin purchasing bugs [Rehasher]


[Version 1.0.7]

- [/me] Added a few automatic /me's to commands [Rehasher]

- [VEHICLES] /v scrap price dropped to 45% of the vehicles dealership price. [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] /rw all now clarifies if they've been rolled down or up [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Range of all garage commands have been increased by 0.5m [Rehasher]
- [SECURITY] You can no longer connect to the server if your master account is already in-game [Rehasher]
- [TRAM] Tram reverted back to the default model (we might change to 1 old and 1 modern tram in the future) [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Privately owned vehicles will now spawn locked [Rehasher]
- [LUMBERJACK] All lumberjack tree cutting commands have ranges increased by 0.5m [Rehasher]
- [PD] /fine ranged increased by 1m [Rehasher]
- [PD] /ticket is now an alias of /fine [Rehasher]
- [SPIKESTRIPS] Currently disabled due to the amount of bugs *Cough* [Rehasher]

- [COMMANDS] You can no longer /(w)hisper or /pay admins spectating you. [Rehasher]
- [CHOPSHOP] Fixed a dangerous chopshop exploit [Rehasher]
- [TRUCKING] Fixed a trucking exploit where you can deliver to businesses a few yards away from the trucking depot [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Fixed the issue with /v buypark in Garages (garages have been fully tested and fixed) [Rehasher]


[Version 1.0.8]

- [ADVERTS] Businesses can now use /(badv)ert to create businesses advertisements (same waiting times as /advert linked to Donator times) [Rehasher]
- [FD] /duty now equips you with a fire extinguisher automatically [Rehasher]
- [CMD-ALIAS] Added /corpse as an alias to /corpses to avoid confusion [Rehasher]
- [PD] Created an ANPR system for police [Rehasher]
- [DOORS] KEY_CROUCH (Default C) is now available to enter/exit doors [Rehasher]
- [ADVERT] Added /lastad command which will display the last advertisement [Rehasher]
- [PM] Added /replypm (/rpm) to quickly reply to the last person that private messaged you [Rehasher]

- [FURNITURE] All furniture prices have been dropped by 70% [Rehasher]
- [ACCESSORIES] Lowered the prices of overly expensive items [Rehasher]
- [PF LICENSE] PF license has been raised from $1000 to $15000 [Rehasher]
- [PHONE] Your phone will hangup automatically if you die [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Dropped the 5 second delay in /v lock to 2 seconds [Rehasher]
- [PD] Cops don't have to send a confirmation to frisk a player if the player is cuffed [Rehasher]
- [FIRST PERSON] Improved /fps in vehicles [Kar]
- [VEHICLES] All vehicle MPGs have dropped by 30-50% depending on the vehicle [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Fuel tank capacity dropped to 8 GAL [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Cut down alot on the help bar at the bottom of the screen to produce client messages instead [Rehasher]
- [PD] /siren is now compatable on all vehicles so personal vehicles can be used as undercover vehicles. [Rehasher]
- [PRISON] Imprisonment messages now only send to PD & Admins [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Added a userfriendly message for players who enter a rental vehicle already rented to someone [Rehasher]
- [CORPSES] Command /corposes has been renamed to /corpse and /corpses has been added as an alias [Kar]
- [VEHICLES] You can now spawn more than one vehicle from your private vehicle slots [Rehasher]
- [ANIM] Changed /sit 2 [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Lights & lock auto /me will now show the correct 'his' or 'her' [Rehasher]

- [TRAM] Fixed the invisible tram bug [Rehasher]
- [PHONE] Limited to contact name length to 16 to fix the contact name overlapping bug [Rehasher]
- [PD] Fixed the MDC bug where the prisoner database led to the Weapon Registry section [Rehasher]
- [ANIM] Removed the buggy animation in the /sit list that teleports you back [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Fixed the "unknown command" error message if you type /lockgarage away from a garage [Rehasher]
- [ACCESSORIES] Fixed the duplicating index bug [Rehasher]
- [GATES] Fixed the conflicting bug with faction gates in vehicles [Kar]
- [ACCESSORIES] Fixed the construction vest not appearing [Rehasher]
- [ACCESSORIES] Fixed the police armor default bone [Rehasher]
- [QUIZ] Fixed some roleplay quiz issues [Rehasher]
- [SPEEDO] Fixed the misleading lock colors [Rehasher]
- [PM] Fixed the private message duplicating bug when exceeding two lines [Rehasher]
- [JOB] Fixed another chopshop vulnerability [Rehasher]
- [PAYCHECK] Fixed the paycheck bug after quitting job [Rehasher]
- [FRISK] Fixed an issue where /frisk would bug if they had less than $500 [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Rental vehicles will now respawn and be available for rental if you disconnect [Rehasher]
- [STRAWMAN] Removed invalid commands from the strawman list and replaced with what you really need to do [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] Fixed a dangerous exploit with /XM/ Radios at mod shops, they've been completely removed since they're default to vehicles [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Fixed spelling and wording issues with /smscrape [Rehasher]
- [PD] Fixed weapon registry and prisoner database not showing in MDC [Rehasher]
- [GARAGES] Fixed an issue with vehicles sometimes falling through the garage after entering [Rehasher]
- [AESTHETICS] Fixed an issue where lights would say 'on' when they're off [Rehasher]

- Removed admin duty check for /spec [Rehasher]
- Fixed teleport warning after player entering a garage [Rehasher]


[Version 1.0.9]

- [VEHICLES] /eng added as an alias to /engine [Rehasher]
- [VEHICLES] /tunecar added as an alias to /carmenu [Rehasher]
- [ANTI-CHEAT] Added improved anti-cheat [Kar]
- [MAPPING] Added "Gang Area - SF" map made by eyet whom is a part of Mike's mapping team. (https://forum.bayarearoleplay.com/topic/4511-eyets-showroom-maps/) 

- [PD] Tased time increased to 5 seconds from 1.2 seconds [Rehasher]
- [PD] Changed the message sent to a player being tased to give them a friendly remind to roleplay accordingly [Rehasher]
- [PD] Players can no longer jump if they're cuffed [Rehasher]
- [PAY] You now need 6 hours playing time minimum before you can /pay [Rehasher]
- [HOUSES] 10x multiplier when already owning a house has been changed to a 3x multiplier [Rehasher]
- [WELFARE] Level 1 players will get $2,000 welfare with every $250 being decreased every level until level 7 ($500). [J0shES]
- [VEHICLES] Vehicle prices have changed. [J0shES]
- [LUMBERJACK] Increased the payout for logs to $176-200. [J0shES]
- [ROUTE JOB (BUS)] Increased the payout for bus routes:
	- East San Fierro route: $1950
	- West San Fierro route: $1925
	- West San Fierro to Bayside: $3280
	- Angel Pine: $1900
	- Inner San Fierro: $1440

- [VEHICLES] Fixed the vehicle duplication bug [Rehasher]
- [WEATHER] Buggy weather ID removed [Rehasher]
- [FISHING] Fixed the /buybait exploit [Rehasher]
- [FURNITURE] Fixed an issue with duplicating objects. [J0shES]
- [FURNITURE] Fixed materials not loading on furniture objects. [J0shES]
- [FURNITURE] Fixed materials not saving data when changed. [J0shES] 
- [FURNITURE] Fixed an issue where objects that weren't in a house would be skipped when loading. [J0shES]
- [SIREN] The ambulance now has the siren at the correct place. [J0shES]
- [PRECINCT SPAWNING] Made /setp now save the option and not reset on reconnect. [J0shES]
- [DEATH] Fixed a problem where if you get your health set to 0 or you commit suicide, you would be "desynced" and become CJ. [J0shES]
- [AFK] Fixed a problem with the AFK detection system where you could avoid detection if you were in water. [J0shES]
- [GARAGE] Fixed a problem with entering the garage where your fuel could decrease if you enter with a vehicle. [J0shES]
- [THIEF] Fixed a problem where the same car could show up on the wanted list multiple times. [J0shES]

- Fixed bug with selecting objects and furniture message showing [Rehasher]
- Raised the /createobject limit from 900 to 5000 [Rehasher]
- Fixed a bug where if you disconnected while you were spectating, the LOCAL disconnect message would appear for everyone around the person being spectated. [J0shES]


[1.0 R1]

- Base Drug System.      [Kane]
- Graffiti System. (Info at Feature Doc. forum)   [Kane]
- Vehicle Modding System.   [DamianC / Kane (C)]
- Vehicle /lock Breakin System.  [DamianC / Kane (C)]
- Property Weapon Storage system.   [Kane]
- Property Drug Storage system.   [Kane]
- Vehicle Drug Storage system.   [Kane]
- Strawman System.   [Kane]
- Back door system for Properties. (Info at Prop. Management)   [Kane]
- Damage inflicted to vehicles will cause health loss for occupants. [Kane]
- Damage inflicted by Fists to players with armor will only affect health. [Kane]
- Vehicles will now spawn with their last health and damage status.   [Kane]
- Secure vehicles (SWAT, etc...) will spawn with an increase in vehicle health.  [Kane]
- Added Sailing Vehicles to dealerships.  [Kane]
- Players can now press H to lean in/out of a vehicle without re-entering.  [Kane]
- Improvements to Vehicle Weapon storage. (Old weapons can be recovered via /refundme.)   [Kane]
- Roadblock System for Government factions.  [Kane]
- Player Notes System.  [Kane]
- Traffic Signs.   [Rehasher]
- NPC Tram that travels San Fierro.  [Rehasher / Kar]
- Redesigned the Login Screen.  [Rehasher]
- Redesigned the Character Selection UI.  [Rehasher]
- Added /appearance. Customize your appearance description.  [Kane]
- Traffic Signs and Street Signs are now breakable.   [Rehasher]
- Vehicle Fines System.   [Kane]
- Added /carwhisper.  [Kane]
- Added /rollwindow.  [Kane]
- Phone Selfie System.  [Kar]
- Added /v lights alias for /lights.  [Kane]
- Added level display to /id.   [Rehasher]
~~~~~MARCH 30TH+ POST BELOW THIS LINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Added /armory for the SFPD. [Kane]
- SFPD can now store weapons into their vehicles. [Kane]
- Added /tognicks. [Kane]
- Added female walk styles. /setwalk 1 & 10-18. [Kane]
- Added /heal for properties. $50+ cashbox required. [Kane]
- Added a Camera to 24/7 /buys. [Kane]
- Added /frisk [playerid / Username] (approve)  [Kane]
- Vehicles will no longer explode.  [Kane]
- Added Vehicle Hotwire System.  [DamianC / Kane (C)]
- Pay n' Spray System  [Kane]
- Added command spots for properties. /cmdspot  [Kane]
- Added unfinalized Weapon packages System.  [Kane]
- Added /getjob for all jobs.  [Kane]
- Revised Trucker System.   [Kane]
- Added Offer System(Establishment Sys).  [/]
- Added Carjacker Job.  [DamianC / Kane (C)]
- Added Boombox. /boombox  [Kane]
- Added Fishing Job.  [Dom]
- Donator System (/baypoint, /activatekey) [Kane]
- Added /Mask System (Masks save for up to 2 hours on logout.) [Kane]
- Added /vehicle list to display the players vehicles.  [Kane]
- Added /vehicle dupekey to give others vehicle keys.   [Kane]
- PD/FD on duty who crash will now spawn on-duty if back within 10mins.  [Kane]
- Added /en alias for /enter.  [Kane]
- Added /ex alias for /exit.   [Kane]
- Added /blockpmall for Bronze Donators.  [Kane]
- Added /blockpm [playerid] for all.  [Kane]
- Added Auto-Levelup for level 1-3 players and Bronze Donators.  [Kane]
- Added /weapons.  [Kane]
- Added /badge.  [Kane]
- Added vehicle storage for weapon packages.  [Kane]
- Added speedo HUD to /ppanel.  [Kane]
- All /ppanel changes are now saved. [Kane]
- Added /mylow.  [Kane]
- Added /forecast. Shows info on the current weather forecast.  [Kane]
- Weather will now change every 2 hours.  [Kane]
- Added /eject  [Kane]
- Added /putinambu for Medics.  [Kane]
- Added /heal [playerid] for Medics inside FD factionized properties.  [Kane]
- Added /finishop for Medics to revive wounded players inside FD factionized properties. [Kane]
- ATM system.  [Kane]
- Added /rubberbullets for PD.  [Kane]
- Added Impounder Job.  [Kane]
- Added Bus Route Job.  [Dom]
- Implemented nametag colors for PD/FD.  [Kane]
- Added /autolow.  [Kane]
- Added /charity.  [Kane]
- Added Video Guide for new players. (Existing accounts before revision date will see the guide on first login.)  [Kane]
- Added /tlow.  [Kane]
- Added /colorlist.  [Kane]
- Added global message to /prison.  [Kane]
- Changes to the Radio system, added multiple slot system. /radiohelp.  [Kane]
- Route Job   [Dom]
- Weapon Manufacture Script  [Kane]
- Prison cells will now be open on restarts. [Kane]

- Raised the height of player death labels.  [Rehasher]
- GPS textdraws will no longer show if inside an interior.  [Rehasher]
- Increased on foot range required to open a gate.  [Kar]
- Forum account login messages will only show if there's been a change in account.  [Kane]
- You can no longer /weapon on weapons you don't have.  [Kane]
- Vehicles fuel and mileage are now properly stored.  [Kane]
- You can no longer use /stopanim to circumvent the lumberjack job duties.  [Kane]
- No longer able to /starttruck without being in a driver's seat.  [Kane]
- You can now /id player IDs.  [Kane]
- Improved fuel refill process and commands.  [Kane]
~~~~~MARCH 30TH+ POST BELOW THIS LINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Level 1 players may only pay $1,000 at a time. [Kane]
- Changed /stats format. [Kane](Thanks Mikee)
- Changed the Command Failure message. [Kane]
- Parking your vehicle will now cost $200.  [Kane]
- Removed /helpers from dialog. [Kane]
- Removed /admins from dialog. [Kane]
- Increased the ammo from the Spraycan /buy. [Kane]
- Removed trucking job barriers [Kane] 
- Added a confirmation to /v buypark. Now costs $300 to set a park.  [Kane]
- Added /buygun to /smhelp.  [Kane]
- /gunserial is no longer faction restricted.  [Kane]
- Lowered corpse destroy time to 6 minutes.    [Kane]
- Lowered furniture prices.		[Kane]
- /admins&/faconline are now in a asecending order by rank.  [Kane]
- Removed [G-OOC] from /o chat.  [Kane]
- Changed /respawn to /respawnme.  [Kane]
- Gates that used 'Y' to open can now be done with /gate.  [Kane]
- You can now open gates (that used 'Y') on foot - also changed the ranges.  [Kane]
- Lowered the radius of corpse labels.  [Kane]
- Players can /low now when in brutally wounded. (Not Dead)  [Kane]
- Changed chat proximity colors.  [Kane]
- PD/FD can now /megaphone when near their faction vehicle.  [Kane]
- Made changes to /levelup. [Kane]

- Can no longer /whisper yourself.  [Kane]
- Fixed an issue where player owned vehicles where sometimes being recognised as a faction vehicle.   [Rehasher]
- Fixed an issue where if players are getting called from the last player logged in with the same ID.   [Rehasher]
- Fixed an issue where /advert messages were splitting improperly.   [Kane]
- Fixed a typo with cell assignments message.  [Rehasher]
- Addressed being able to use your phone while dead screened.  [Kane]
- Addressed being able to use certain phone commands while not having your phone out.  [Kane]
- Addressed an issue with /sellhouse.  [Kane]
- Addressed an issue with Accessories not saving when bought.  [Kane]
- Addressed issues with players entering interiors not loading fast enough.   [Kane]
- Addressed issues with /logout.  [Kane]
- Exiting / entering properties will now stop / start their radio stream.   [Kane]
- Addressed an issue with players being recognized as the owner of a vehicle they don't own.   [Kane]
- Addressed issues with /putgun editing the wrong object.   [Kane]
- You can no longer pass/drop items while dead. (Weapons/drinks/etc)   [Kane]
- Addressed issue with /advert wait time. Time now saves on logout.  [Kane]
- Addressed /starttruck with owned vehicles. You no longer need to pay $100.  [Kane]
- Addressed the issue with time textdraw not displaying. [Kane]
- Addressed an issue with GPS textdraw not clearing when leaving / entering certain areas.   [Kane]
- Fixed the bug where a /pay message was sent to the wrong client.   [Kane]
- Addressed an issue where players were kicked out of vehicles.   [Kane]
- Addressed an issue where DMV notifications would show in rare occasions.   [Kane]
- Addressed issues with the phone system.  [Kane]
- Addressed issues with bare interiors system.   [Kane]
- Using /phone on a bike will no longer reshow the speeder.   [Kane]
- Fixed an issue where PF license cooldowns didn't work as intended.   [Kane]
- Fixed an issue where /heal wasn't completely healing another player.   [Rehasher]
~~~~~MARCH 30TH+ POST BELOW THIS LINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Talking while in /walk will no longer cut the animation. [Kane]
- Fixed a bug where /sms wouldn't actually work.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug where character UI draws wouldn't show after relogging twice.  [Kane]
- Addressed a bug that reseted player membership statuses.  [Kane]
- Fixed a typo with /setrank.  [Kane]
- Can no longer /smjob if you've got a job.  [Kane]
- Corrected prompt message for /smjob.  [Kane]
- Fixed /factions showing the wrong faction member amount.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug with /megaphone line splitting.  [Kane]
- Fixed a bug with the prison gate showing the wrong 'closed/opened' message.  [Kane]

- Changed the admin warning AdmWrn to [WARNING] [GUI/STYLING] [Rehasher]
- Added Admin Notes. (Check Administration Guides & Resources forums.) [Kane]
- Added Connection messages for admins. Toggleable with /togconnects. [Kane]
- Added /vehicleinfo for level 2s. [Kane]
- Added /ginfo for graffiti info. [Kane]
- Added /cleardrugs for Leads (Drug System) [Kane]
- Added /setdrugs for Leads (Drug System) [Kane]
~~~~~MARCH 30TH+ POST BELOW THIS LINE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- /fixcar alias for /repairvehicle, made command adjustments. [Kane]
- Added /checkbanevade.  [Kane]
- Added /lastseen.  [Kane]
- Added /watchers.(LA)  [Kane]
- /as will show all guns on person, will be red if they shouldn't have it on them.  [Kane]
- Added /carids (check for nearby carids+driverIDs)   [Kane]
- Added /findcars (extensive car searching)  [Kane]
- Added /lastcmd, check all players for specified time  [Kane]
- Added /ajailed, check for all ajailed players  [Kane]
- Added /smack.  [Kane]
- Added /ninjamove.  [Kane]
- Added /sethealth.  [Kane]
- Added /setarmor.  [Kane]
- Added /setworld. [Kane]
- Added /setinterior. [Kane]
- Added /clearpnsup for Leads, clear all PNS vehicles.  [Kane]
- Added /whatvehicles[Pns ID], check vehicles inside a PNS.  [Kane]
- Added /endrepair[Veh ID], end a vehicle that's inside a PNS.  [Kane]
- Re-did Report System, /ar [playerid]/etc now.  [Kane]
- (New Report Sys)Added /clearreports (seconds since report)  [Kane]
- /setdonator for Lead Admins  [Kane]
- Made /setstat Lead+ again  [Kane]
- Added BayPoints,NameChanges&NumberChanges to /setstats  [Kane]
- Fixed /unjail not actually TPing the player from ajail  [Kane]
- Can no longer /apark non-private vehicles [Kane]
- Added /setskin  [Kane]
- Finished /adminsys. Added decrypt mask, find mask and skin search.  [Kane]
- Added /listmasked [Kane]
- Added /rentalvehicles, lists all rental vehicles in server  [Kane]
- Added /forceunrent to force unrent a rental  [Kane]
- Added rental veh info to /vehicleinfo.  [Kane]
- Added /makevehicle for Leads, creates vehicle in database.  [Kane]
- Added /destroycar for Leads, removes vehicle from database. [Kane]
- Added /respawncar (alias /rv) to respawn vehicle IDs [Kane]
- Set /jetpack for Lead Admins  [Kane]
- Can now /setstat and give people charge var instead of only removing(Leads) [Kane]
- Added /showcorpses, list all corpses  [Kane]
- Admins can now /factionon [facid] to see online fac members.  [Kane]
- Added fightstyle to /setstat.  [Kane] 
- Added /ahelp.  [Kane]
- Added spectator info textdraw to /awp, can go through players with arrow keys.  [Kane]
- Added /weather, control different settings of  the weather that also relay a forecast. [Kane]
- Fixed /down [Kane]
- /arevive is now /revive  [Kane]
- Added /atm for Lead Admins  [Kane]
- Added /gotoatm,/p2atm, level 1s  [Kane] 
- Removed admin warnings from /goto /gethere and /slap  [Kane]
- Added /astat for Leads  [Kane]
- /cleartransaction for Leads(faction) [Kane]
- /resetordertime for Leads(faction) [Kane]
- /listtrans for Leads(faction) [Kane]
- Added /gotocmdspot [Kane]
- Added /baninfo (Start with '@' for masteraccount, '#' for IP or just enter character name)  [Kane]
- Added /smlist, show who has the SM job(Leads)  [Kane]
- Added /guide_list, check who's in the video guide  [Kane]
- Added /guide_spawn, force someone out of video guide  [Kane]


- Mechanic Doors (Halycen)
- Impound Lot (Neo Odin)
- SFFD Station #2 (Halycen)
- Homeless Hubs (Trigger)
- Ad Spot Barrier (Halycen)
- Northern San Fierro Dock (Halycen)
- Cluckin' Bell Basketball Basket (Pencil)
- Club Enigma Interior (Halycen)


- PD Exterior / Lot Fixes (Papanomaly, Halycen)
- Cranberry Station Adjustments (Papanomaly)
- Submarine Removal (Halycen)
- Shopping Center/SupaSave Flicker (Halycen)


[Version 1.1.0]

- [FACTIONS] Factions now have a faction bank. Government factions will get paid with a certain percentage of tax from paydays. [J0sh] 
- [BANKING] Factions now have /fdeposit & /fwithdraw to add or take money from their faction bank. [J0sh]
- [FACTIONS] Two new permissions are now able to be set, in relation to fdeposit and fwithdraw commands. [J0sh]
- [DRUGS] Added the new drug system. [Dignity/J0sh]. [WIP - Need to finish A L O T]
- [GOVERNMENT] Added a /gov command for government factions. [J0sh]
- [FACTIONS] A permission is added for /gov usage, only used for government factions. [J0sh]

- [FACTIONS] The rank ids in /managefaction now show the rank name and the ID. [J0sh]
- [FACTIONS] Editing permissions using the id is now changed to a dialog with all the list of the ranks. [J0sh]
- [ANPR] The ANPR system now has a smaller range. [J0sh]
- [AESTHETICS] "[!]" is now changed to "[NOTICE]" [J0sh]
- [ANPR] The ANPR system will now stop showing a plate when they're out of your range. [J0sh]
- [ANPR] The plate will no longer show as "California", it is now changed to "San Fierro". [J0sh]

- [ANPR] The ANPR system no longer sometimes shows your speed. [J0sh]
- [SIREN] Fixed siren positioning for the following vehicles: [J0sh]
	- LSPD Cruiser
	- LVPD Cruiser
	- SFPD Cruiser 




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