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Status Update:

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Hey! Just thought I'd give you all a rundown of where we are right now for the many people eagerly excited to hop on to the server. No, we didn't forget you all. No, we don't have a monument to build. No we're not being perfectionists right now. The server just requires a little elbow grease and spit here and there before we let you all run around and actually have something to do while on there besides just looking around.


It's mostly waiting on me and my conversion of files. I'm adding over my Establishment revision(Property system, Furniture system, Accessories system etc) to this server and it requires converting a lot of variables and functions to be compatible with the current script. It's not hard it's just excruciatingly time consuming. As I said early I'm not good at ETAs but with this the work is mostly done and is good for a public test with the launch, and it's not gonna take me ages to get over this hill, just bear with me as I'm treading up it. 


We're also still finalizing some jobs on the server, feel free to post any suggestions on the top of jobs you'd like to see during launch and or in general. We already have the basic jobs so no need to suggest taxi, mechanic, etc. Keep focused on jobs that require interaction with other players, primarily jobs that force interactions with others. This is a roleplay server and no one wins with some grinding independent job. Once again I'm only saying this is if you had any suggestions for jobs.


After jobs we will have things that will need to be done but can be done on the fly post-launch. So we're going to be lacking a fully fleshed out weapon/drug trade system and so on but it will be here in due time. We'll try to have a basic system in place in the meanwhile.


But right now I'm only down to like 10 files in my establishment revision to convert. A faction system requires converting as well, which is only about 6 files? I'm going to do some runthroughs on the test server after I'm done with that and then my portion is done and we're one step closer to a launch.


Once again I know you're all waiting and I'm completely beside myself seeing so many people come out to support a project not even up yet! But we still got some ironing out to do for you all so that you can have things to do while inside of the server. Thank you once again for your patience.

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15 minutes ago, Aizec said:

Thank you for keeping us updated! I'm sure everybody agrees it's better to be patient and get a good script rather than not.


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Don't worry about ETA, I completely support your decision to make a better server instead.


Now about the jobs...

  • I hope taxi job does not include the fare meter automatically charging the passenger, because that is a scriptwise powergame. Instead maybe add some command to lock the doors of a vehicle, similar to the one that the cops used on ls-rp.
  • Perhaps a miner / lumberjack job would be nice for those who roleplay with their working class characters.
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