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The Mancini Crime Family

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Origin & History5a0859bbb620b_ScreenShot2017-11-12at14_18_36.thumb.png.b3eaa330265cc659c5d2b5251850b73d.png

The Mancini Crime Family was founded in Liberty City in the mid 1920's after Vincenzo Mancini immigrated to Liberty City from his place of birth Palermo, Sicily. Vincenzo decided to leave his family in Sicily in hope for a new life in Liberty City. He arrived with thousands of other Italians like him, all looking for that "American Dream". He managed to get a single room apartment in Broker with the money he brought over but he needed as much as he could get his hands on. As the dimmed sun would peer through his ripped curtains he would get out of bed, have a slice of slightly stale bread for breakfast and off he would go. For only three days this was his life, he would leave his lousy excuse for a home looking for any job at all, even if it was helping the man at the hot dog stand get more customers or to watch the neighbours dog for the evening. He simply wasn't making enough money, the rent on his "closet" of a apartment was due next week and all Vincenzo had was his will to survive in that neighbourhood, that specific day his mindset changed, he thought different, he walked different, he even fought different, ya' see; Vincenzo didn't want to just make it out of a fight, he wanted to teach his opponent a lesson to remember the fuckin' name "Mancini". The light would peer through his curtains the same way it did every day but today, Vincenzo didn't waste his time eating stale bread that the cockroaches had got to before him. He left his small box of a room and went out into the street, some people would say Vincenzo already had respect of many civilians in his neighbourhood at this time but we and other sources think different. Vincenzo had made two friends during his time in Broker so far, Silvio (surname unknown) and Vittorio Galache, the trio marched over to a barber shop that had been refusing them haircuts all week because they were Italian. Vincenzo went in first, followed by his two friends yet some sources would suggest they were his "goons". "So... you don't want to give us work eh', well how about you work for us now, I want weekly payments in exchange for the protection, capisce" is what Vincenzo reportedly said when he approached the owner, however it sounds too "hollywood" and cliche so who knows, as a result many stories differ, but in every story the owner of the barber shop laughed in Vincenzo's face. Either Silvio or Vittorio, again some stories differ, step forward grab the owner of the barber shop and smash his face repeatedly against the cash register, safe to say that barber never missed a payment after that. Fast forward a few weeks and Vincenzo is now addressed as Mr.Mancini by almost all of the local business owners and also some pedestrians, Vincenzo had formed a sort of Empire in his neighbourhood, authorities gave it the alias of The Mancini Gang, but to Vincenzo it was more of a family... a Crime Family he said to Silvio and Vittorio, they would both agree, out of either fear or respect it did not matter, a lot of Broker soon followed into this, and so The Mancini Crime Family was born with the first Don, Don Vincenzo Mancini.The Don's of the family would stay as relatives of the Mancini blood family for 90 years until...


90 Years Later...


The year is 2017, The Mancini Crime Family are comfortable. Paulie Mancini is the boss, his nephew Jimmy Mancini is underboss with Anthony Casino and Frank Delucci as the two main capo's. Extortion and many other forms of hustle are bringing in a lot of income into the family, everyone is happy and their pockets are full, almost too good yano'...




The feds were looking into the Mancini's after a sting operation on the Alderney Mob, many would speculate that they were looking to do the same thing in Broker, but they didn't have to do anything to try and get at Mancini, because in every good story, there is a greedy person that can never appreciate what they have...




Jimmy Mancini had whacked his Uncle Paul, this was the result of a risky power-grab, Jimmy's initial notions to do this devilish act are unknown to most but one can only assume it was one of jealousy, due to the increased surveillance by the feds Jimmy Mancini was brought into custody and found guilty of the murder of Paul Mancini, he was facing a minimum of 25 years. Without the connections of the Mancini Family, their fall would be inevitable, it was but a matter of time before other wise guys would move in and take what they want, Captains; Frank Delucci & Anthony Cassano saw this coming, no matter how tough they were, they'd get swallowed up in Liberty City without the backing of the authorities that the Mancini family relatives brought.


As a result... the duo would flee out of Liberty City to a place called Bay Area (San Fierro), this move would bring the Italian American Duo a lot of opportunities however it also meant their reputation they had worked so hard for was now void, this was a new place with new people and new values, and now a New Chapter of the Mancini Family was to begin. Bay Area wasn't quite Broker but Delucci and Cassano were willing to get to the top by any means possible, using the leadership and structure of a Liberty City Mob on the west coast was simply genius. To a new era...Salut.



Out of Character


Respect all players equally, can change IC to some extent but always applies in OOC.

If you decide to join The Mancini Crime Family, we will have the authority to Character Kill, or Player Kill you at anytime we deem necessary.

We reserve our right to kick you out of the faction for any OOC misbehaviour; any rule-breaking or "trolling" will not be permitted as a result.

The use of an alternative character without any notify to the leaders OOC can possibly result in the removal of yourself from the faction depending on the circumstances.

You must have credible role-playing abilities.



The requirements to join the faction are to have a proper understanding of the ''La Cosa Nostra'' hierarchy and structure that's based on the Italian crime era (1920's-1980's).

When joining the faction, everyone should be aware of that this is a faction, based on the strict code of the ''LCN'' hierarchy and structure, refering to the requirement of being a man of Italian descent or at-least half Italian descent on father's side in order to grow from Associate to a Made Man (inner circle). 



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