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  Bay Area Roleplay

Staff Roster




scotland.png Rehasher - Founder / Lead Developer

us.png DamianC - Manager / Developer



gb.png Chilli943 - Web Developer

gb.png Southclaws - Developer


Lead Administrators

gb.png Whiskey - Lead Admin / Head of Mapping



us.png Aero - General Admin

us.png tw1ster - General Admin

us.png Pitchounette - General Admin / Head of Factions

gb.png Chicago - General Admin

gb.png Akiba - General Admin

us.png thatoneiowan - General Admin

us.png Luckyx49 - General Admin

nl.png Sofyan - General Admin

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  • Management

Updated 27th September 2017

- DamianC has been added to the management team

- Charlie (Chilli943) has been moved to the development team from Management


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  • Management

Updated 1st November 2017

- Ritz has been removed from the staff team

- tw1ster added to the team as a administrator

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