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  3. iGetty

    State of Bay Area - January 2021

    Add me on Discord and I will see if I can support you? GettyTV#2840
  4. Rehasher

    Gamemode Development Log

    Bay Area Roleplay Gamemode Development Log Current Developers: @Rehasher Past Developers: @kane @DamianC @Kar @Southclaws @Dom widqk & J0shEs Old logs reposted below. [v1.0 R1] [ADDITIONS]: - Returning within 10 minutes of crashing will spawn you at your old position. [Kane] - Vehicles will spawn locked. [Kane] [CHANGES]: - PD/FD armor / nametags color be returned when going back on-duty from crashes. [Kane] - Made changes to the thief job earnings. [Kane] - Changed desynced client message to gametext. [Kane] - Increased the range for /u
  5. Version 2.6 R4


  6. Rehasher

    SA-MP Client

    Version 0.3DL


    Download the San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3DL client here -- removed from sa-mp.com
  7. Rehasher


    Version 1.0.0


  8. Bay Area Roleplay is still currently closed after a pile up of complications which forced the server to close in 2018. There is no say on whether we will or will not open again. The script hasn't completely been left in a dumpster over the years and it is still revised frequently. If I ever feel that there is enough support both community and script wise then I'll consider a re-opening. Thanks.
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